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  1. Most embarrassing moment (online) : there’s a lot. yes, a lot. don’t wanna tell it LOL
  2. Most embarrassing moment (IRL) : nothing much, except i fell down like a boss just because my friend said that there’s my crush right in front there (like 10 miles away lolol) and some other (mostly stage fright- wait that was the most nerve-wrecking moment)
  3. Your very first tumblr URL : blingsaurus! :) i should gave that url up. .__.;
  4. Story about how you ended up in tumblr : uhhh, i always watch my sis getting all new and updated picture of beast and i asked her where she got that. and she said “tumblr!” “you can find alot of sources there” and i was like “okay, not interested” and one day, i eventualy try tumblr and gave up because i hate tumblr but that’s how my love life goes i must hate things before i like them. and two months after, i eventually get back here and get addicted to here so yeah. that’s how the story goes. XD
  5. Top three things you can’t live without FOOD, INTERNET, ELECTRONIC GADGETS
  6. Do you think llamas are cool? : llaaamasss
  7. Favorite book that wasn’t turned into a movie : none. but if you say the book that turned into worst movie : darren shan ;A; THEY RUINED THE FUCKING PLOT.
  8. What is your favorite pet’s name? (If you don’t have one then what kind of pet do you want to have?) : kantut. (fart in english) because he is fucking sexy XD
  9. How do you think the world will end? : destroyed. I just hoped that i die before that worst nightmare will come ;u;
  10. Top five things that scare/creep you out : horror movies, those disgusting ghosts , spiders , anything that chase you from behind , clown.
  11. Would you rather eat cockroaches or drink garbage juice? :D //shot I RATHER DIE. LOL

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1. Most emotional/influential anime (or TV series) you’ve watch? : can’t say .__.; lol. i don’t know lol ;A;

2. What’s the song of your life? : lazy song by bruno mars. yeap. LOL

3. What do you usually eat as midnight snack? : pringles! :D

4. Name your gadgets! : Vaio laptop, SLR D-90 camera , some beat headphone , two HDD , ipod , htc phone , lollipop phone , PSP , pen tablet, pretty much that’s all OTL

5. Describe your biggest enemy. : uhhhh, dont have one. YES, IT’S MY TUMMY. …. nevermind.

6. What type of clothes do you wear the most? : varies. back at home, i usually wear jersey and short pants. and yeah, cloth that comfortable for me, like t-shirt and pants shorts.

7. Kind of business do you love to establish if given the opportunity? MORE BL ANIME ;A;! WITH NO CENSOR LOL

8. Craziest dream you ever had? : i always have crazy dream. i think where me and my cousin searching for the portal in hospital and ended up teleporting inside the mop’s box. wtf, i can’t even.

9. Name some sauces that you’ll add on your hotdog sandwich. : mayo and tomato sauce. that’s all

10. Define love. LOL  : love is chicken. i love chicken, there chicken = love.

11. Describe your ideal planet (description, size, kind of inahbitants)? : BL Planet.  it’s a paradise of BL planet. i don’t even-

»the tag game »meme »since i'm bored »/aha »after answering this »this meme pretty much show that im such a lame and dull person »orz
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