this guy is your weakness!



Some Japanese Inspirits tweeted that they were interviewed by a cameraman and they asked what was it for and they answered “for DVD”.

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essenceofthenoctifer: haihai!~ what is the first song that plays on your profile? I really like it! >.<

my mom: I wish you knew how talented you are
my friends: you look so good today!
people online: you are so amazing
my self conscious thoughts: oh god I look so bad everyone is going to think I'm trying too hard why am I so ugly why can't I look like them I wish I was somebody else why do I suck at everything why am I so socially awkward and never know what to say and do and feel and why can't I make friends is it because everyone hates me I want to disappear and dig myself into a hole

and i want this boiya up here ^

WAE YOU NO BE RANDOM IDK STAR , SO THAT I COULD TOUCH, LICK, MOLEST, REAP YOUщ(ಠ益ಠщ)i mean keep you in my home for decoration( ●´ω`● )

Stray dogs
幕末志士と花 | 伊勢海老 [pixiv] 






No one else sees it? Oh well, it’s headcanon now. 

What is mindfuck.

Why am I convinced?




  • A for a random fact
  • B for a secret
  • C for a phobia
  • D for a habit
  • E for a general fact
  • F for picture of me

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